Bundle with DEI professionals in mind...

Though your work may not be explicitly DEI-related, you will find value with the offerings within the Practitioner membership. This space will allow you to stay on top of developments within DEI, the world of work and change management.

And, you don’t want to miss out on the first-of-its-kind “Community of Practice” specifically for folks who do DEI or DEI-adjacent work. This is a community to share best practices, new and emerging research, and tap into each other’s expertise for opportunities.

We know that many DEI Practitioners often come to this work while they themselves are moving through financial insecurity, which is why we have the Practitioner Subscription Bundle available at two price points. $499 AND $350 for practitioners with equity-deserving identities who state financial need.

You have access to the following:

When you purchase the Practitioner Learning Lab subscription, you immediately get access to all of the existing QuakeLab resources + the new resources we will be releasing throughout 2023. Additionally, you will have access to the Community of Practice (launching January 2023).

  • Access to 'Learn', 'Build' & 'Do' events

  • Post-event recordings and materials

  • Toolkits, resources & evaluation tools

  • Practitioner Community of Practice